Cain Velasquez Just Did Five Rounds of Damage to Junior Dos Santos’s Brain

I really hope that I’m not the only person who found that fight incredibly difficult to watch, because that was just very difficult to watch for the last three rounds. My god. The fight started off with JDS landing a huge shot on Velasquez only for Cain to come back. Both guys were in this to win it, but Cain’s smothering techniques were just too much for JDS.

Cain had JDS stopped midway through the fight, not once but twice, and Herb Dean for some reason let the fight continue. The fact that the fight continued after that is just unreal to me, still. JDS has a lot of heart, sure, but it was a bit frustrating that no one was concerned for his safety; not the ref, not the doctors and not his corner. He started off Round 4 and Round 5 by leaning against the cage, that is how brutally beaten he was. Every shot after that was brain damage.


The fight stopped when JDS was going for a strange choke in R5 and Cain just kind of pulled him down, with JDS face planting himself out of the fight. GIF from ZProphet.