CABMMA in Brazil Sees No Reason to Worry About Licensing Vitor Belfort

When you think about the whole TRT controversy, you probably immediately think about Vitor Belfort, right? Vitor Belfort was a man who looked rejuvinated by TRT over the past few years and was in line for a shot at Chris Weidman’s UFC Middleweight Championship. Then the TRT ban hammer dropped in Nevada and everyone followed suit, leaving Vitor Belfort to a life post-TRT.

The CABMMA in Brazil, the equivalent to NSAC, have given Vitor Belfort the greenlight to not only train in Brazil, but to be licensed in Brazil. They see no potential issues from Vitor Belfort’s past usage of TRT and steroids to prevent them from licensing him. Sure, he failed a drug test, but that was in America, not in Brazil, so everything, according to them, is good to go.

What should be troubling to many is that this means that Vitor Belfort will require no extra testing beyond the norm after he has been surrounded in controversy. [source]