Bubba McDaniel’s Pay Hits the Net, He’s Appalled

Poor Bubba McDaniel, not only did he make $32,000 last year, but he accidentally tweeted out that amount to the world and by the time he had deleted it, well, it was too late and everyone had already seen it. Sometimes these things happen in MMA? If you don’t remember Bubba McDaniel, it’s probably for a good reason, as he fought twice in the UFC last year and went 1-1 and he appeared on a season of The Ultimate Fighter that led us to Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen. Well, according to Bubba McDaniel, that tweet with the dollar figure attached to it was intended for his accountant, oops? [source]

“First off, I want to say that this was a mistake, and I’m totally appalled. I didn’t need to have anyone think that I’m complaining. I’ve dreamed about being an athlete my whole life. I’m not complaining at all. And, actually, I have a part time job, and actually I just got a second part time job.”

“I signed the contract, I’m not complaining about it.”

“I was sending the info to my accountant and I saw “posted on Twitter.” I thought I deleted it the split second it posted, I didn’t think anyone saw it.”

“I’m not a guy to jump down somebody’s throat, though. It’s me that stepped wrong in the first place.”