Bryan Caraway Responds to, Well, Just About Everything

Bryan Caraway has been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly thanks to the fact that Pat Healy’s positive drug test took away his submission of the night reward, which was handed to Caraway. Caraway, of course, enjoys talking a lot, which has led to Nate Diaz making fun of him on Twitter and subsequently being suspended as well as a whirlwind of chatter about Caraway online.

The latest on Caraway was Cat Zingano claiming that “Mr. Miesha Tate” even went as far as to elbow her in the face backstage before her fight with his girlfriend. So Caraway has been addressing these issues on his Facebook now, which has been interesting, to say the least.

His claim is that Cat Zingano is just looking for a little publicity off of his name, because, you know, coaching The Ultimate Fighter against Ronda Rousey isn’t doing anything for her name, she has to bring up Bryan Caraway to get in the news right now, right? He also tries to clarify his thoughts on weed and Healy, where he says that Pat Healy is actually his “bro.”

Not making that up.