Bryan Caraway Gets Bonus Check After Healy’s Positive Drug Test at UFC 159

Sometimes these things happen in MMA, with these things being failed drug tests. The UFC has been known to hand out their “of the night” bonuses to their fighters who excel in one way or another during each event. There is Knockout of the Night, Submission of the Night and Fight of the Night. At UFC 159 the Submission of the Night went to Pat Healy, but sadly for him, he tested positive for marijuana and was not given his bonus check.

This leaves, by default, Bryan Caraway with the $65,000 bonus check for Submission of the Night, as he scored the only other submission at UFC 159. Caraway, who never shies away from taking an opportunity to talk in public, discussed how much he hates weed and how he’s never “smoked a drug in his life” with MMAJunkie.

The question remains if Caraway is the George Michael Bluth of the UFC right now, or just a guy who really doesn’t like to have fun.