The Brutality That Was GLORY 13

If you missed out on GLORY 13 on Spike TV tonight you missed out on one violent, amazing event and I urge you to hunt it down as fast as humanly possible. It was that good. I mean, then again, of course it was, right? The night saw the new guard move forward as Rico Verhoeven picked up a win over Peter Aerts in what Aerts tried to make into a brutal slugfest. Rico held his composure and was able to score the decision victory, but Aerts was absolutely head-hunting and there were a few scary moments in there for Verhoeven.

Daniel Ghita was back to old form against an old foe by the way of Errol Zimmerman. Zimmerman has had a bit of a rough year and it only got rougher as Ghita was on point, using a barrage of kicks to the body to set up his punches before one found the mark and put Zimmerman down and out.

In the Welterweight tournament Golden Glory standout Nieky Holzken made his way to the finals with a win over Karapet Karapetyan while Joseph Valtellini knocked out Raymond Daniels with a sick high kick to meet in the finals. Both men put on what had to be one of the most entertaining fights of the year, with round two being easily the round of the year before Holzken’s punches to the liver found the mark, hurting Joe in round three before putting him down.

There was a lot more so please, by all means, go hunt GLORY 13 down and watch it.

All GLORY 13 GIFs courtesy of ZProphet.