Brock Lesnar Has Feelings — Wants Pat Barry to Retire

I’m pretty blown away by this one. Dana White revealed last night that Brock Lesnar has feelings. Yes, the man who was the UFC Heavyweight Champion and who now resides back in the WWE, where he recently ended the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak, has feelings. Brock Lesnar has tender feelings, in fact, for former UFC fighter and current GLORY fighter Pat Barry. How tender? He wishes for Pat Barry to retire before he gets hurt further.

It was not a pretty scene at GLORY 16 Denver when Pat Barry got brutally knocked out by Zack Mwekassa. I was there live and honestly, it was really pretty brutal. Pat wasn’t looking so hot and couldn’t even make it to the post-fight press conference. For GLORY, Pat was their latest and biggest acquisition, Barry choosing to leave the UFC with their blessing and move back into professional Kickboxing.

Dana White got an impassioned plea from Brock Lesnar for White to force Barry to retire, only for Dana to claim he was unable to make that happen. He claimed his relationship with Pat wasn’t as strong as his relationships with Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin, whom he forced to retire, plus Pat Barry isn’t a UFC-made “millionaire.” White implied that it was up to Pat’s loved ones and for State Athletic Commissions to make that happen.

Ouch. [source]