Brian Stann Retires on a Very Special Edition of the MMA Hour

Calling something a “Very Special Edition of” makes it sound like something that would happen on a crappy Friday night sitcom in the 90’s. We all know those “very special episodes” of sitcoms where a kid gets abducted, a creepy bike shop owner asks to take a bath with a kid or all other sorts of ridiculous things. Anything that teaches a lesson and makes the episode end with the cast sitting around, gravely talking about what you just witnessed and giving you a phone number to a hotline to dial in case you were a victim of the very special episode.

In this case, we got a very special episode of the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, but instead of some sort of horrific child crime, we saw Brian Stann retire from MMA. Stann took a really tough KO loss to Wanderlei Silva recently, which has caused him to think about his family and his own personal health and safety. He’s decided to not fight anymore, but will still be around as an analyst.