Brett Rogers Breaks Malikov’s Leg in Russia

Didn’t we just see a leg break video a few days ago? Damnit, Brett Rogers, you can’t do this so close to another Ray Longo Knee Destruction(TM) in MMA, yet he did. Today in Russia Brett Rogers fought Magomed Malikov in a Heavyweight MMA fight and things were going along just fine until Malikov went for a leg kick on Rogers. It didn’t really look like Brett Rogers checked the kick, either, just that Malikov hit that “sweet spot” and found himself stepping back on his right leg only for it to flop over in a horrific scene.

This just further proves that you gotta be careful when you throw your leg kicks, folks, because shin on knee hurts and can lead to some pretty awful injuries. Brett Rogers gets a win, though, so there is that.

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