Breaking Bad Parody of the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier Brawl

Man, Breaking Bad. Right? It’s almost been a year since Breaking Bad ended and it’s still a huge cultural thing to be referenced (albeit not as much). For me, I live in Albuquerque and it’s almost inescapable. My little sister came out for my wedding this summer and we had to take her by the carwash for photos, as well as a few other spots. Breaking Bad really had a profound effect on pop culture for a while. So why not apply some Breaking Bad to the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier brawl for a few days ago? That brawl has dominated this news cycle, so why not?

This video is some mild spoilers from the last season of Breaking Bad, but not really. So watch this scene from Breaking Bad with footage of the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier brawl interspersed into it because, well, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier fighting like that was kind of shocking.