Brazil Fans Show That They Support Chael Sonnen Over Wanderlei Silva

If one thing has been clear in the build-up to Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva, it has probably been that Wanderlei Silva is a bit of a madman and while Chael Sonnen talks a big game to sell a fight, he’s pretty level-headed when it comes down to it. That doesn’t excuse Chael Sonnen’s actions or words, because a lot of them are pretty crappy, but when it came time to edit The Ultimate Fighter, it seems like Chael Sonnen came out the good guy in this scenario.

According to an online poll of Brazilian fans, a whopping 70% are supporting Chael Sonnen over Wanderlei Silva, which reminds me a lot of Tito Ortiz walking away the good guy after coaching across from Ken Shamrock, who was a fan favorite going into that season. Silva, of course, blames the editing for making him look bad. [source]