Boxing Star Tommy Morrison Passes Away at Age 44

Tommy Morrison is a strange case, as many will recognize the former Boxer from his role in Rocky V as one of the leads against Sylvester Stallone, but he was also a former WBO Heavyweight Champion in his day. Tommy was known for leading his life in the fast lane, which led him down the dark path of contracting HIV in 1996. Morrison was somber about it, but took responsibility for it (at the time), which led to his retirement from Boxing.

In later years Morrison made claims that the test results were false and that he didn’t have HIV. Of course, there were issues with that and while he did fight a few more times, it was not anywhere that had stringent testing before he was denied a license in 2011 in Montreal to fight. It has been reported today that he has passed away, although there has been no official cause of death just yet. His wife has cited Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is an immune disease much like AIDS, although some are doubting that claim.

It is still a sad day for the Boxing and fight community as a whole as Morrison was just 44 years old.