Boxing Star Holly Holm Retires From Boxing to Pursue MMA Career

As someone who has the [mis?]fortune of living in Albuquerque for a while now, I know of Holly Holm all-too-well. She adorns more billboards on the side of the freeway than any other fighter or celebrity in the area and really is the pride of Albuquerque in many ways. So her decision to put her Boxing career behind her to seek the bright lights of MMA stardom as Women’s MMA is finally starting to get a fair shake in the UFC kind of makes sense.

To a lot of fans, Holly is still a virtual unknown as her promoter has kept her extremely close to home for most of her professional fighting career, as she has only ventured outside of sunny New Mexico a handful of times in professional fights. No doubt a MMA career should take her a bit further than the local casino circuit here where she is a certified box office draw with the locals. That isn’t to say that she isn’t a legitimate fighter, because she has been a name in Boxing for a while now, always being impressive.

On Tuesday afternoon she made her announcement that she has moved on from Boxing and is looking to enter into MMA full time. Her last Boxing fight will go down on May 11th.