Bobby Green is pooping blood.

Bobby Green’s fight style is hood, and he’s on a tear the likes of which few ever see. He’s won seven fights in a row dating back to his Strikeforce days, and he’s still undefeated in the UFC at 3-0. He was ready to go once again on short notice against Abel Trujillo next month at UFC 169, but he had to pull out of his fight citing an ‘injury.’

Some people dog on fighters for pulling out of fights. I would never do that, but still, some do. No one should ever question Bobby Green. From what he revealed on Twitter, he gets a pass from us:
“I apologize guys this last fight is being rushed I need to get checked. Something happened after the Krause fight I pushed through and fought past now it seems to be bothering me even more. I started shitting blood so I went to the hospital after the Krause fight they did a ultrasound and sent me home so something is up and needs to be checked. I have a appt to get a scope ran down my throat it’s too close to the fight for me to get ready. Trust Me I’m on a roll Y would I want to stop now lol if I was good to fight trust I would.”
At least we have Varner stepping in. That’s a worthy replacement.