Bobby Green is fighting for a roof over his son’s head

Some fight for fame, glory, to test themselves against other trained men, but Bobby Green is simply in the fight game to put a roof over his son’s head. It’s a noble cause, and a smart one too. Bobby Green has has an incredible rise in the last year or two, going from raw journeyman to winner of 7 fights in a row across Strikeforce and the UFC. That includes some tough fights like Jacob Volkman, Pat Healy and James Krause. That’s seriously tough company.

But it doesn’t matter, as long as he gets paid. Or so he said to MMASucka:

For me I feel like getting the number of fights up to get my cheque higher. I’m trying to get enough money to purchase a house, have my house paid off and have some money for my account. That’s my goal – to make sure my son has a roof over his head.

Possibly if that comes along with it, that’s cool. I’m just blessed to be here as it is, I never thought I’d be beating top-10 guys in the world and stuff. One day I can tell my son that – If that happens cool, if not, as long as I can keep trying to press towards the title.