Bob Sapp Decides to Retire with $10 Million in the Bank

Bob Sapp is an interesting story and an interesting person in the rather bland world of MMA fighters. Bob Sapp made a lot of money off of the fight industry, from K-1 to Strikeforce and PRIDE he’s competed in some of the biggest events around the world and at this point he’s lost to some of the worst competition imaginable, yet has still made a solid living off of fighting. How is that? Because Bob Sapp’s career exploded early on and the guy was making a ton of money. He was able to leverage that into keeping his career going and growing his nest egg.

How much so? Apparently Bob Sapp has over $10 million saved up right now and has decided to call it quits. [source]

“As far as what retired me it’s very simple I have what’s called accountability I have the ability to do my own accounting and when you have well over 10 million dollars there’s no longer a need to step into the ring anymore so when your able to do that and follow the great steps of financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey when your able to put that all together with the wisdom and the truth that you encountered through your travels one of which of course is Japan when you combine the two that gives you profitability so now I have the ability to strictly make a profit.

“I no longer have a need to go into the ring for 40,000 for a fight when I’m making well last month it was somewhere in that realm of over 1 million dollars. I don’t need to do that any longer.”