Blackzilian Coach Promises That Tyrone Spong Will Be Completely Fine

At GLORY 15 Tyrone Spong suffered what was one of the worst injuries that can happen to a combat sports athlete when he broke his shin bone upon throwing a low kick. It felt surreal, especially after we saw it happen to Anderson Silva at UFC 168, but it happened to Tyrone Spong at GLORY 15 just months later. Tyrone Spong is already in recovery after his surgery and is recovering in record time. Henri Hooft, the Blackzilian’s striking coach, wants the world to know that Spong will be back and better than ever. [source]

“It was just one of those things. Saki blocked with a knee-block and the shin just broke. It can happen in this sport, I saw it three or four times. My brother has a gym in Holland and he had it with two guys.

One guy broke his shin in two places and came back to fighting and became a champion. The other guy broke the patella on his knee and also came back to full fighting fitness. Tyrone is going to be fine.

He is 28 years old and this is his first real injury, he is going to be OK. And it’s only a broken bone. We have these injuries in kickboxing but if you look at MMA they have more injuries, ligament problems and a lot of knee problems and knee surgeries.

This is just a broken bone. It will heal and he will come back to training as normal.

Will there be any psychological hangover? I don’t think so. You might think twice about kicking but equally you might think ‘Well, the leg has a pin in it now, it is stronger than ever.

Plus when [kickboxers] throw a kick it is automatic, it is trained into us so we do it without thinking. The kicks will just flow as normal.”