Bjorn Rebney Not Focused on WSoF Challenge

Bjorn Rebney is fully aware of the fact that World Series of Fighting has called out Bellator, but he just doesn’t care. That is probably the healthiest business decision that a guy like Bjorn Rebney can do, as World Series of Fighting’s new media guy has gone out of his way to be a public nuisance in regards to Bellator. God, you know, in a way he reminds me of the M-1 Global guy. Is that a crazy thought?

Here is what Bjorn Rebney had to say about the World Series of Fighting challenge. [source]

“Look, and I understand the media likes to talk about this stuff and have fun with it, but the light heavyweight tournament announced today is the most competitive we’ve ever done. We’re bringing a 100 percent healthy Rampage Jackson into a tournament. We’re in 140 countries around the world and growing. We announced the Fox alliance, giving us the biggest distribution in Latin America when it comes to MMA. We’ve got the biggest distribution in the Middle East when it comes to MMA. We’re on Spike TV, who wrote the book on distribution of MMA. I’m focused on our business. I’m not focused on call outs.”