Bjorn Rebney Doesn’t Agree With Ronda Rousey as MMA’s Biggest Star

Bjorn Rebney is the outspoken figurehead of Bellator MMA and, well, he has opinions and they are indeed for you. Rebney’s latest stream of thoughts revolves around the UFC’s Ronda Rousey. Many consider Ronda Rousey to be MMA’s biggest star, with Dana White hammering that point home every time he’s near a microphone or a reporter. Of course, Bjorn doesn’t seem to agree that Ronda Rousey is MMA’s biggest star, in fact, he finds it disrespectful. [source]

“I would never want to verbalize disrespect for a fighter … but to characterize her as the biggest star in MMA is, I believe, a little disrespectful to a lot of fighters who have put in year after year after year in this game,” Rebney recently told MMAjunkie. “If Ronda fights ‘Cyborg’ and she could beat ‘Cyborg,’ I think that would be a big statement as to where she is in the game. But to characterize her as the biggest star is a bit disingenuous. I think there are a lot of huge stars in MMA.”