Bjorn Rebney discusses shaking his head after the Alvarez/Chandler fight

You know, for as much crap as Bjorn Rebney gets, he has a point with this quote explaining that infamous “Bjorn Rebney shaking head” .gif that was making the rounds last week after Chandler/Alvarez 2.

“It’s total nonsense. Total complete and utter nonsense,” Rebney said. “I was sitting cageside, sitting next to (announcer) Michael C. Williams, and Michael was reading the decision. Look, I get that we were in southern California, and I get that Michael Chandler is an Alliance guy and he trains out of southern Cal, and I get that he had probably 1,000 or more fans in attendance, but when [Williams] read the decision, and the decision was ‘and the new,’ and Ed was given the decision, a lot of fans started booing. I was shaking my head at that. I couldn’t believe that fans were actually booing that decision. And some idiot took a picture of me shaking my head at fans booing and then put his own or her own caption on it, which had no basis in reality.

“When two guys give that much heart and soul, and two guys sacrifice that much, it’s just inappropriate to boo. I thought it was out of line and I was shaking my head like, what? How do you justify booing something like that? These guys were just willing to die inside this cage to win this fight.”

It’s an interesting point, and I’m glad Bjorn Rebney explained himself.