BJ Penn is Not a Fan of Mike Dolce

Part of BJ Penn’s transformation into a 145lbs fighter involved hiring UFC nutrition guru Mike Dolce to help make the cut a lot easier. Mike Dolce has seen a surge of popularity over the past few years, working the corner of many UFC fighters and helping them to cut weight through his “Dolce Diet” system. Of course, Dolce has not been without his detractors. Mike Dolce is not a Dietician, nor is he a Nutritionist. He has no real accreditation in the area that he practices in, but he has still gotten results for many UFC fighters.

BJ Penn, apparently, sees through the veil of the Dolce Diet and was unhappy with his time with Mike Dolce. BJ Penn also wants to give no reason as to why he doesn’t want to work with Mike Dolce ever again. Ouch.  [source]

What was your overall experience in working with Mike Dolce for the weight cut and nutrition?

“As far as Mike Dolce goes; I would never hire him again for anything.”

Would you like to elaborate?

“No, that’s it. Next question.”