BJ Penn Claims He’d Clearly Never Need TRT, Duh

No, we aren’t done hearing about the TRT ban in MMA yet, not by a long shot. This time around, as BJ Penn prepares for his return to the ring, he was asked what he felt about the TRT ban. Of course, he is BJ Penn, so he had something to say about the topic.

I think that’s the best thing that could have ever happened to the sport. You know, right now I would be a great candidate for TRT because of my age. Because everybody knows I have no problem with testosterone, that’s the last problem I’d ever have.

So there you have it, BJ Penn is too much of a man to have a problem making testosterone. Very manly, BJ, manly indeed. Oh, he also admitted that the only reason he was coming back was to get that fight with Frankie Edgar. [source]