Bisping vs. Kennedy was dominant, but not a crowd pleaser? Dana White thinks so

Dana White thinks this, Dana White thinks that. Ugh, well, here’s another article about Dana White’s opinion, and it basically goes right down the path we expected – Kennedy vs. Bisping wasn’t a sloppy kickboxing match so it wasn’t a crowd please. Who cares? Anyone who knows anything about the ground game was impressed by both men Wednesday, but you won’t be able to convince the president of that:

Here’s what he said at the post-fight press conference, transcribed by MMA Mania.

“Kennedy did exactly what he said, bisping wouldn’t throw any punches because he didn’t want to get taken down again. He didn’t realize how dominant he was gonna be on the ground.

“It was a classic example of what happens when a guy gets taken down and has great jiu-jitsu like that. It’s gonna clam a guy up and he’s gonna get gun shy and not throw punches. It wasn’t a crowd-pleaser, not a fight where people at home are going ‘woo hoo, this is awesome,’ but the guy put on a pretty dominant performance. (Bisping) got dominated.”