Bigfoot Silva Needs TRT or He’ll Lactate. Yes, Lactate.

I, man, I just don’t know. This is a story about a MMA fighter and the excuses as to why he needs to take shots of testosterone, as apparently Bigfoot Silva will turn into a woman if he doesn’t have his shots of sweet, sweet Vitor Belfort career-prolonging TRT. According to an interview with Bigfoot Silva’s manager, Alex Davis, Bigfoot Silva has a serious need for TRT or else everything goes haywire inside of him.

The claim goes as far as to state that Bigfoot Silva, a UFC fighter of some renown, was lactating for a while. Yes, he was producing breast milk. [source]
“This is one of the guys that really have authentic technical reasons to be on TRT,” said Davis as transcribed by MMA Fighting. “He has acromegaly. His pituitary gland overproduces GH (growth hormone) and that unbalances all his other hormones.”

“When I started managing him, he was actually lactating. He has extreme low testosterone. He has extremely low testosterone, so he has a real reason to be on TRT.”

“I didn’t really take part on the TRT process. There was a miscommunication between him and his doctor. If I was in the middle of it maybe we would have avoided it. I didn’t realize I needed to be involved.”