Bigfoot Silva Claims Failed Test Wasn’t His Fault

There are always many sides to a story and in the case of Antonio Bigfoot Silva, he feels like the failed drug test resulting in him losing his $50,000 bonus is not actually his fault. According to Bigfoot Silva his doctor approved him to increase his testosterone injections due to his levels still being low. As for this being a “UFC Doctor” it is actually one recommended by the Brazilian MMA Commission, not affiliated with the UFC. [source]

Clarification: Months before my fight I looked for the UFC doctor Marcio Tannure in Brazil so I could start the hormonal replacement “TRT” which was authorized and recognized by a professional. I started the treatment and 2 weeks before my fight I did all the exams required by the UFC. My testosterone level continued to be low so I was recommended by the doctor to increase the dosage. Unfortunately my level increased too much and caused me to suspend. I only did what was recommended by someone trained who understands about the subject therefore it was not my mistake. I’m cool because I know that the mistake was not made by me,I never tried doing anything wrong for my fight.

How do you feel about Bigfoot Silva passing the buck like this? It does seem like an unfortunate situation for Bigfoot Silva, but at the same time, it comes across as kind of weak to blame his doctor.