Big John McCarthy Explains Him ‘Pleading’ Over Jon Jones Cut at UFC 165

Saying that Dana White is prone to hyperbole is a perfectly logical statement, I think. That is his job as a hype man; to overstate things and get everyone hyped up for UFC events and fighters. Recently he has been talking about how over the weekend he was pleading with the doctor to not stop the main event of UFC 165 due to a cut — and how Big John McCarthy was right there with him, pleading away.

I think it might be the term “pleading” that makes it sound kind of pathetic and probably upset McCarthy, but he discussed the incident yesterday and it seems like he just wanted the fight to go on because he didn’t feel like that cut was bad enough.

“We’re a team when we’re in there,” McCarthy explained. “I talked with [the doctor]. He said, ‘It really doesn’t look that good.’

“I said, ‘Jason, this is the last round. I think you need to let him go. I will look at it. If it gets worse, I promise you I will bring him to you.’ He said okay. That’s both of us working as a team together. He let the fight go on, the cut didn’t get any worse, and the fight came to its natural conclusion the way it should’ve.”