Ben Askren responds to Dana White’s disinterest

I’m all in on the Ben Askren train. I think the dude is awesome, I think he can beat the vast majority of welterweights, and I completely dig the “Funky” style he brings to the cage. I think he has more charisma than most, he’s funny, can play the cocky heel, and in general could be an asset to the promotion. I get why Dana White doesn’t want him, he doesn’t want Askren to be Bellator’s ringer proving they discovered the best welterweight, but screw it, do something for the sport rather than the entertainment side. It hasn’t been done in a while.

Askren thinks so too:

“(Dana) said he was interested two months ago, nothing had changed. We will see what happens.”

“Dana’s a businessman, so I’m sure he sees the value that I can bring to the organization because they haven’t brought in a high-level 170-pounder in a while, so I think it would bring a lot of new and exciting matchups to the division.”

“But if they offer me someone else good, Condit, Shields or whoever, I’m good with that,” said Askren. “Obviously, I don’t want to have to fight a couple of scrubs.”

Asked whether a move to the UFC was in the back of his mind during talks with Bellator, he said, “It’s always in my mind that I want to be the No. 1 fighter in the world, and however I can accomplish that, I’ll accomplish that.”