That Bellator PPV is No Longer a Bellator PPV, It’s Now on Spike TV

Today will live on in mediocrity as the day that Bellator’s first PPV was called off and the show was downgraded to just airing live on Spike TV due to Tito Ortiz having to pull out of the main event. That was the big news from Bellator today, who just had a conference call to discuss Ortiz’s new neck injury (Bjorn insists that it is indeed a new injury) which has put Ortiz on the shelf now, leaving Rampage without an opponent.

So the show must go on without its main event, which in turn means that it must go on without being on PPV. This means that you get Alvarez vs. Chandler II for free! Or at least legally for free, which is what I know a lot of you are thinking. It’s okay.