Bellator Announces Quinton Jackson vs. Joey Beltran for Bellator 108

Oh Bellator, you just try to make MMA fans laugh or boil with rage at this point, don’t you? Bellator stated that they’d find a replacement opponent for Quinton Jackson after Tito Ortiz had to pull out of this weekend’s Bellator not-a-PPV, and today was the big day. Was it Tyrone Spong like the fans wanted? Was it Kimbo Slice? Ken Shamrock? No, it is recently cut by the UFC Joey Beltran. Yes, the Mexicutioner.

So on November 15th Quinton Jackson vs. Joey Beltran will go down on Spike TV. What’s odd about the whole thing is that many fans are predicting that Beltran wins the fight. I’m not so sure about that, as Rampage isn’t in his best years or anything, but he’s still a good fighter at his core, while Beltran has never had the same potential.