Bellator 120 Possibly Cleared 100,000 PPV Buys

Photo Credit (Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports)

Conventional wisdom would have said that the Bellator 120 PPV would have been a failure. Why? It lost its main event, the press were taking literal and figurative pisses on the event leading up to it and hardcore fans were razzing the promotion for not being the UFC. Clearly Bellator 120 would be a failure, right? Well, conventional wisdom might have been off on this one, as initial reports were coming out pegging the PPV numbers at 50 – 65,000 buys, now according to Bjorn Rebney, they might have cleared 100,000 buys.

Crazy, right?

Of course, Rebney isn’t outright saying that they did, he’s being sneaky and slimy — he’s being a promoter. [source]

“I am never going to be in the business of confirming pay-per-view numbers but I’ll tell you this, going into the show I would have been very disappointed with anything less than 100,000 buys,” said Rebney. “Sitting here, despite losing our main event, I can say I am not disappointed at all in how the show performed.”

No matter the final figure, it appears that Bellator 120 was a success and that we will see more from Bellator on PPV in the future no matter what.