Bellator 106’s Ticket Sales Numbers are Exactly What You’d Expect

I’m going to preface this by saying that just about no one is having great ticket sales in combat sports right now. Sure, Boxing is doing just fine, but Boxing is dead, remember? RIP Boxing. Anyway, apparently Bellator isn’t selling a ton of tickets for shows and people are acting like this is some sort of crazy shock. UFC is having a hard time packing them in like they used to, why should Bellator be any different?

Here’s MMAWeekly’s take on the numbers.

Bellator 106 had 4,189 tickets sold, with 5,855 tickets going unsold, according to information received by from the California Department of Consumer Affairs on Thursday.

Of the total amount of tickets printed for consumers, 2,407 were complimentary, which represented over 36 percent of those in attendance.

The total attendance, including purchased and complimentary tickets, was 6,596.