Be careful, this Aldo vs. Pettis promo may make you jump through a window with joy.

Is there any more perfect fight than Aldo vs. Pettis? Seriously, is there? Nevermind the fact that Anthony Pettis kind of screwed up the UFC lightweight division’s hierarchy (TJ Grant with the title shot? Really?), I mean, we could’ve been enjoying Pettis vs. Henderson II, but, it’s whatever. Aldo vs. Pettis is a great, great fight. Pettis has said he doesn’t cut weight to make 155, so it does make sense, and Pettis could actually have a chance at being the UFC’s first dual weight champion since technically BJ Penn. I could dig that. But if Pettis beats Aldo at featherweight, Clay Guida needs to fight Pettis at 145 next (oh, snap!)

Here’s NickTheFace with another amazing highlight reel, this time pumping us up for Aldo vs. Pettis, the best fight made in years maybe.