Ariel Helwani Hints at Mayhem Miller Possibly in Jail Yet Again

Oh Mayhem Miller. Something about Jason Miller just isn’t right and the poor guy keeps on keeping on under those pretenses. I think we all remember Mayhem’s last brush with the law, which helped to knock Mayhem down quite a few pegs with most fans just writing him off as mentally unstable. It looks like Mayhem might be in trouble again, as Ariel Helwani so artfully danced around the subject on Twitter today.

Someone with the same full name and birthday as Jason Miller ended up in a lockup today, with no word as to the actual crime. If this is Mayhem we’ll all feel bad for at one time being a fan of his or even being aware of him, or maybe not, I guess that we have to just wait and see what it is this time. Sigh.