Antonio Silva Ready to Return to the Ring ASAP


Antonio Silva and Mark Hunt went to war on Saturday night, with both men walking away battered, bruised and bleeding. In the case of Mark Hunt he walked away with his hand broken in two places, but for Antonio Silva, he feels like he can just hop right back into the cage.

“I’m feeling good – a little beat up but nothing serious,” Silva told MMAjunkie. “This was the toughest fight I have ever been in, but that is really good, to test one’s self.

“I’m going to celebrate and spend time with the family. After every fight, I take my family to Disneyland, but then I want to fight again ASAP.”

It’ll be interesting to see where the UFC goes from here with Antonio Silva, as his last two fights were a loss to Cain Velasquez and a draw to Mark Hunt. Neither of those are anything to be ashamed of, but Dana White seems enthusiastic to see both men fight again, even if not against each other. This means that no matter what Antonio Silva will be taken care of, at least when he’s done with Mickey. [source]