Anthony Pettis won’t bother going to 145 to chase Aldo

Just fight already, you two. It has to happen, at any weight, I simply don’t care anymore, make it happen. But I tell you what – a catch weight will not suffice, this must be for a belt, the lightweight or featherweight belt, or I’m out.

Luckily, it seems like the lightweight belt will be on the line, as Anthony Pettis has declared that he’s already big for a lightweight, after saying he wasn’t a big lightweight and doesn’t cut much weight.

Aldo will have to move up to face him.

Globo got the interview with Pettis, and the Google translation is funny.

– I laughed (the declaration of Aldo), because I am the one challenging the Aldo from the beginning. I would relegation to face him. I’m definitely not afraid to face it. This fight will happen, it’s only a matter of time. He has an opponent to come, and I have a long time until my next fight, then do not make much sense I get paying attention to him now. We have about a year until our fight to happen – the American said.

– This fight will happen in the light. For it makes no sense to stay in pens, where there is more competition for him. In my case, I’m already great for light. No need to kill me to go down in weight, because I’m the champion. It makes sense to confront in my category, or we can meet in the 150 pounds (combined weight of 68kg).