Anthony Pettis Just Defeated Benson Henderson in Round One… Via Armbar, What!?

Damn, this fight was built up to be epic, as the first battle between the two was indeed an epic battle, but this fight quite simply didn’t last as long, as Anthony Pettis pulled off an amazing armbar early on, forcing Benson to tap out. Benson applied pressure very early on, clinching Pettis against the cage and controlling most of the fight. When they broke up, though, Pettis landed some of the most devastating body kicks imaginable on Bendo before he went for a cartwheel kick that got him taken down. This is where Benson Henderson excels, only Pettis got his arm, something which we’ve seen Benson get out of many times before, but not this time.

It was a verbal tap, so we didn’t quite know what was happening, but when the fight was called the fans went nuts. GIF from ZProphet.