Anthony Pettis Gets Punched in the Face by His Girlfriend

I’m not even sure that there is much text to go along with such a story, honestly. This is a video that Anthony Pettis posted on his Instagram yesterday of his girlfriend punching him in the face wearing a 4oz glove. Seeing as though professional MMA fighters have a bit of a limit on their careers and getting punched in the face for recreation doesn’t seem that bright, it’s kind of a dumb move for Anthony Pettis.

Anthony Pettis will next face off against Gilbert Melendez after coaching The Ultimate Fighter against each other, with them expected to meet on December 6th. Apparently, Pettis believes that his girlfriend hits harder than Gil.

When your girl punches harder than the number 1 contender @uluvlisette #december6th #whenulikeanothergirlspick