Annnnd Jason Miller Was Arrested For Domestic Violence This Weekend

Oh Mayhem Miller. Dude is just a tragedy waiting to happen and I’m not sure that there is anyone in his life to help to fix that. Over the weekend there was a rumor passing around that Jason “Mayhem” Miller, former UFC and Strikeforce fighter, as well as former MTV host, was arrested, but it was not clear what the charges were. Initial reports pointed to burglary, but that really didn’t seem to fit Mayhem’s MO.

It turns out that Mayhem was actually arrested for domestic violence on Saturday night, although it is not clear who was involved outside of Mayhem. We do remember that he was in trouble for assaulting his sister back in 2011 and then last year he was arrested for breaking into a church. This is another tough break for Mayhem, who seems to be in desperate need of getting his life into order and soon.