Andy Ristie Does the Impossible Knocking out Giorgio Petrosyan and Robin van Roosmalen

Tonight was the best night in Andy Ristie’s career, if not his entire life as he went into GLORY 12 New York with everyone doubting him being able to get past the great Giorgio Petrosyan. The only thing is, after a tough battle with Petrosyan he landed a combination that not only put the longtime champion down but completely out of contention. This knocks Petrosyan from his throne that he’s held since 2009, which is crazy.

That wasn’t it, though, oh no, as tonight was a one-night tournament where he moved on to face GLORY’s top ranked Lightweight Robin van Roosmalen. Robin van Roosmalen has an exciting style that fans go crazy over, with many seeing him being able to pick Ristie apart. The thing is, that didn’t happen, instead Andy Ristie knocked RvR down in round one and followed it up in round two by knocking him out.

That is one incredible night for Andy Ristie.