Andrei Arlovski Just Knocked Andreas Kraniotakes Out in Belarus

Sure, it might be Black Friday to us here in America, but in other parts of the world there is stuff happening, serious stuff. Part of that serious stuff is that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski just fought in Minsk, Belarus against Eastern European Heavyweight MMA standout Andreas Kraniotakes. If you didn’t know about this, well, we don’t blame you because this is pretty damned obscure and we watched it via some strange Russian feed.

But if you were unimpressed by Andrei Arlovski’s last performance against Mike Kyle in World Series of Fighting this Andrei Arlovski that appeared would be more to your liking, as he scored a solid knockout over Kraniotakes. It should also be noted that this really was an EA MMA kind of dream match. In fact, I might go dust off my copy of EA MMA right now to recreate such a momentous occasion as Andrei Arlovski knocking out Andreas Kraniotakes.