Andrei Arlovski Dismisses Glass Jaw Talk

Andrei Arlovski has always been one of the most unique Heavyweights in the world of MMA, both entertaining and talented, but his career took a bit of a turn after his fight with Fedor Emelianenko, with many arguing that he wouldn’t be able to hold his own against the elite anymore thanks to a weak chin. As you can imagine, this has followed Andrei Arlovski everywhere that he goes. Of course, people have said the same about his opponent, Brendan Schaub, to which Andrei Arlovski replies defending both of them. [source]

“I think it’s all BS.” Arlovski told MMAjunkie. “People say I had a glass jaw or weak chin, too, and when I fought Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, the referee fell asleep, and I had the broken jaw in the first round because the referee made a mistake. I fought the second and third rounds with a broken jaw in two places, and he didn’t finish me.

“I think it’s all bull—t. The heavyweight division, if you land a good, good punch in the right place, everybody is going to fall.”