Anderson Silva’s New Hobby is Playing Call of Duty and Winning Eleven

Let’s face it, being a guy like Anderson Silva who has spent his career fighting the best in the world and being on the shelf like this has to be maddening. It’s no surprise that Anderson Silva has had to keep himself busy in the meantime, but it is a bit of a surprise what he’s been doing. TMZ caught him outside of a restaurant in Los Angeles over the weekend and asked Anderson Silva if he had any new hobbies, the answer was yes; videogames.

Is Anderson Silva playing fighting games? Channeling the spirit of Bruce Lee? Nah, he’s playing FIFA-alternative Winning Eleven (Pro Evolution Soccer) and he’s playing Call of Duty. I can only imagine Anderson Silva playing Call of Duty online and in my head I’m imagining him being a no-scoper who sets his controller sensitivity very high and spins around a lot to frustrate people.