Anderson Silva’s Doc: ‘No Kicks for 12 Months’

When I first heard the talk of Anderson Silva being healed within months and back to training within 6 months I kind of gawked at it, as it was such a tremendous injury and there is just no way that he’ll be able to return to quickly with everything working like it did before. Sure, Anderson Silva is an exceptional human being and fighter, but it’s hard to imagine him right back in there throwing leg kicks within a time frame of like 9 months, it just can’t happen.

It turns out that hunch was correct as his surgeon gave a more realistic time frame of six months to a year before he’ll be able to do any striking. [source]

“From a pure physical perspective of the bone, optimistically, yes we would like to see his bones heal over a three to nine month period of time. Then, you of course have the soft tissues around the bone, and that is obviously going to remain a sensitive area. So I guess there are gradations of what his activity will be and he will be dictating a lot of that to us as the next following months unfold. I would not have anyone with that injury — regardless of the patient — no one would be involved in a striking type, or high contact sport to that area, easily could be anywhere from six to 12 months.”