Anderson Silva Would Still Rather Fight Roy Jones, Jr. Over Jon Jones or GSP

Sometimes you get an idea and because you can’t make it happen you keep it locked up inside of your head and let it fester. It never really goes away, in fact, sometimes the idea will seem so good to you that you’ll want to make it happen no matter what. That seems to be the case with Anderson Silva when it comes to the one Superfight that he is actually interested in. Here’s a hint, it has nothing to do with any UFC fighter and is an idea that is a few years old now; Roy Jones, Jr. If you know the iconic boxer, you know that Anderson definitely takes some cues from him and for a while was pushing for that fight, although it couldn’t happen due to his UFC contract.

With the talks of a Superfight with Jon Jones building up again, Anderson Silva has reverted to talking about the dream fight against Roy Jones, Jr. again as his real goal, even if Roy Jones is 44 now and Anderson’s career with the UFC doesn’t look to be winding down any time soon. Oh well, he can dream, right? In fact, he wants to fight him twice; once under boxing rules and once under MMA rules. [Source: NYPost]