Anderson Silva Still a Clear Favorite over Chris Weidman in Rematch Odds

Anderson Silva may have been knocked out by Chris Weidman this weekend at UFC 162, but when it comes to making odds for a possible rematch, the people in the know are still picking Anderson Silva over UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman. The lines have opened up on the possible fight with Anderson at -134 and Weidman at +160, which is still closer than the last fight closed at, which had Anderson Silva at around -220.

What do you think? While Anderson didn’t seem to care for a rematch, Weidman will not be a PPV draw just yet, with UFC 162 being his first PPV main card appearance within the UFC. It took years for Anderson Silva to become a PPV draw and the UFC will definitely be pushing for a rematch between the two as they are a sporting organization, they are still looking to make the most money possible and sell the most PPVs and Chris Weidman is not there yet.