Anderson Silva Probably Isn’t Injured and Will Fight at UFC 162

This is kind of ridiculous, but over the past day or so there has been a persisting rumor going around that Anderson Silva is injured and might not make it to UFC 162. Brazilian reporter Luiz Prota wrote an article on Yahoo! Brazil that talked about a broken rib which could hinder Anderson Silva’s ability to make it to UFC 162 where he is scheduled to square off against Chris Weidman, defending his UFC Middleweight Championship.

This would obviously be a huge blow to the UFC’s plans for the summer, as Anderson Silva is one of the few champions that can draw a good crowd and pull in some PPV numbers, but according to Ariel Helwani, this is simply not true. Helwani has reached out to Anderson Silva’s camp as well as Dana White, with both denying those claims.


So I think that for right now, we’ll wait and see.