Anderson Silva Predicts ‘Best Standup UFC Fight’ Against Diaz

Anderson Silva is without a doubt one of the best standup fighters that we’ve ever seen in MMA. We could point out some flaws that he may or may not have, but I don’t see the point in that. Really, I don’t. Anderson Silva has a creative mind to go with his skill and technique, which is what makes him so deadly standing up, regardless of a pair of losses to Chris Weidman. So his upcoming fight against Nick Diaz is pretty exciting for a lot of people, including Silva.

“I believe that it’s going to be the best standup fight of all time in the UFC,” he said. “I always pay attention to the best fighters in the UFC and the fighters that could one day be my opponents. I never imagined I would fight Nick Diaz, but I watched his fights because I think he’s an excellent fighter. He has a good jiu-jitsu, an excellent boxing, and I think it’s going to be a great fight. If he doesn’t try to grab me and stall, it’s going to be the best UFC fight ever.”

What I’m excited about is that both Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz do things standing up that other MMA fighters just don’t do. Nick’s ability to go from the body to the head to confuse opponents may seem like Boxing 101, but it’s something you never see in MMA, at least not as successfully as he’s done it. With Anderson Silva it’s interesting to watch his movement and how he’s able to predict what an opponent is going to do and almost immediately throw a counter.

This should be a great, great fight. [source]