Anderson Silva Plans on Returning to the Ring

Anderson Silva’s crazy leg break at UFC 168 is still one of the biggest stories going around in the MMA ‘verse right now and while many see the facts of Anderson Silva being 38 and suffering such an awful injury as a sign that it’s time to hang ’em up, it doesn’t seem like Anderson believes that. According to his trainer Pedro Rizzo, Anderson Silva told him in the hospital that he’d be back to fighting.

Say what you will about the former champion, but Anderson Silva has a crazy fighting spirit. [source]

“At the hospital, Anderson told me ‘I will be back, master. I will be back,’” Rizzo told “I told him ‘yeah, you’ll be back home to recover and rest’. And he said ‘I will be back, master.’ He’s a fighter. He has six months to recover, heal and then decide what he’s going to do next.

“He has everything to come back to fighting if he wants. He has a good head to handle all the pressure from the UFC through all these years. Anderson will decide that. He just broke a leg, he has a lot of things to think now. He has nothing left to prove inside the Octagon. But if he decides to fight again, we will be there to help him.”