Anderson Silva Horrifically Breaks Leg, Weidman Victorious

All of the Chris Weidman fans of the world were going to get their moment tonight, their moment where the doubts about Chris Weidman as the UFC Middleweight Champion would be washed away. Honestly, in round one it looked like Anderson Silva was done and if I was the ref I probably would have called it, but the stakes were high so it continued, but you could argue that Chris Weidman had the fight won anyway.

If I were a betting man I’d say that Anderson Silva’s career has ended as he’s pushing 40 years old and a compound fracture like that was just, well, horrific. Chris Weidman gets another tainted victory over Anderson Silva but it’s time for him to move on. I’m not sure if thanking Jesus for his win after the fight was in the best taste, but this has always been the stuff about Weidman that strikes me as “he’s unlikable.”

If you aren’t squeamish, here is the GIF from ZProphet.