Anderson Silva Considers Second Loss to Chris Weidman as a Fluke

Well, this is going to ruffle a lot of feathers for Chris Weidman fans, as Anderson Silva was interviewed by Brazilian network Globo about his loss to Chris Weidman and he is rather candid about how he feels that he didn’t really lose to Weidman, he just got injured. Anderson Silva is also rather candid about how he doesn’t believe that Chris Weidman tried to do anything special to check the kick, that it was just instinct and just a fluke injury that happened.

Gauging by the public outcry from Chris Weidman supporters in the days following the fight and the sensitivity of the subject this is not going to go over well, I think.  The good thing is that Anderson Silva does want to get back into the ring. [source]

“I believe that, if you pay attention to these technical details, you will see that (checking the kick) was instinct, not something that he trained to do,” Silva said during an interview to Globo.

“No, I don’t think (Weidman should consider it a win). It was an accident. And I’m pretty sure I would have won the fight.”

During the interview, Silva rewatched the fight and said he made some technical mistakes before throwing the leg kick.

“I can see some technical mistakes I did in the fight,” he said. “To land the perfect kick, I needed to distract him by punching him in the face so he wouldn’t pay attention to the kick. He was protecting the upper part of his body, and the raised leg instinctively. The kick was so strong he lost balance.”